No Kidz Alowd – Millenials in the Non-Profit Sector

By Frank Woodruff – Participant of 2012: Challenge Accepted Conference At 29 years old, I consider myself a young person in community development. Of course that’s relative. If I were working in politics and campaigns, I would be considered a veteran. If I were an NFL quarterback, I would be in my prime. I’m too […]

The Price of Supremacy

By Andrew Kim – Participant of 2012: Challenge Accepted Conference As the 2012 presidential election nears, candidates confidently profess that their policies and visions will maintain the superpower status that has become the foundation of American pride. On the campaign, candidate Mitt Romney promises an “American Century,” one in which “America leads the free world, […]

Pre-conference debates with PolicyMic

We’ve teamed up with PolicyMic to bring your voice into the discussion leading up to 2012: Challenge Accepted. From climate change to the Middle East to the spread of nuclear weapons, we’re  using these awesome online debates as a chance to warm-up before the conference. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s happening now, so why not […]

Breakout session guidelines are up!

We’ve just posted information on the breakouts! Led by students, speakers and campaigns attending the conference, breakouts are an important moment for participants to deepen their understanding of the issues, and learn about pathways for taking action. We are certain they will be one of the most popular elements of the weekend. We are scheduling […]

Thoughts on the biggest challenges facing us in 2012…

By Aishwarya Venkat, student at Virginia Tech and AIDemocracy Fellow. 2012 is a monumental year for many reasons. In the US, it is an election year, which brings with it an outpouring of political and moral opinions. To the rest of the world, which is recovering from groundbreaking events like Arab Spring and the war […]

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

This election season has been all about the economy. Jobs, the deficit, federal spending…these are issues that are at the forefront of many voter’s minds, and therefore, that’s what the various Republican candidates and President Obama are talking about on their stump speeches. Now, given the state of the economy, it’s not hard to understand […]