US global engagement is at a critical turning point. Our generation must rise to the challenge of this moment, identifying clear pathways for building a more peaceful, just, healthy and sustainable world.

The View from the Defense Department: US National Security Priorities

  • Michèle Flournoy, former Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy

Millennial Voice, Action and Power: Snapshots from 2012

  • Daniel Maree, Organizer of the Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin
  • Lacy MacAuley, Occupy DC
  • Neil Watkins, Action Aid

From Me to We: Harnessing the Power of the Millennial Generation

  • Karen Richardson, White House Office of Public Engagement
  • Nick Martin, TechChange
  • Matt Zellar, Captain, US Army, and Author, Watches Without Time
  • Christopher Malagisi, American Conservative Union
  • Saul Garlick, ThinkImpact
  • Alison McReynolds, US Peace Corps
  • Frank Fredericks, World Faith
  • Jordan Wolf, PolicyMic
  • Karen Showalter, Americans for Informed Democracy

The Real Hunger Games: The Fight for Our Food, Our Climate and Our Future

  • Roger Thurow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Author, Enough
  • Anuradha Mittal, Oakland Institute
  • Tonya Rawe, CARE
  • Katie Campbell, ActionAid USA

Drones, Rogues and Hackers: Rethinking US Security

  • Jen Buckner, Colonel, US Army, and National Security Agency
  • Sharon Squassoni, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Gary Barnabo, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy
  • Frank Femia, Center for Climate and Security
  • Kalsoom Lakhani, Invest2Innovate
  • Patrick McDermott, Americans for Informed Democracy

Superpower in Decline or America Resurgent? Prospects for the US in the Global Economy

  • Maya MacGuineas, Committee for a Responsible Budget, New America Foundation
  • Noel Ortega, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Bradley Bosserman, NDN
  • Patrick Doherty, Smart Strategy Initiative, New America Foundation
  • Philippe Nassif, Americans for Informed Democracy and US Global Leadership Coalition

Millennial Priorities for Global Justice: Indigenous Peoples, LBGT Rights, Disabilities and Genocide

  • Emira Woods, Foreign Policy in Focus, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Emily White Hat, National Congress of American Indians
  • Mark Bromley, Council for Global Equality
  • Esme Grant, US International Council on Disabilities
  • Daniel Solomon, STAND

Investing in Millenials Worldwide: Preparing Youth for the 21st Century Workplace

  • Jim Riker, Beyond the Classroom Program, University of Maryland
  • Noor Shoufani, Education for Employment Foundation
  • Taekia Blackwell, Harry Potter Alliance
  • Paul Kruchoski, US Department of State
  • Naima Ramos-Chapman, Campus Progress

Arab Summer: Emerging Democracies, Political Islam and the Power of Youth in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Lazar Berman, American Enterprise Institute
  • Vanessa Zuabi, Partners for a New Beginning, The Aspen Institute
  • Ahmad Soliman, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
  • Dillon Tatum, PhD Candidate, George Washington University
  • Loretta Greene, GreeneStrategies

Voices of a Global Generation: Why We Care about US Global Engagement

  • Folabi Olagbaju, DireAmnesty International USA
  • Taylor Jo Isenberg, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
  • Daniel Solomon, STAND
  • Lacy MacAuley, Institute for Policy Studies and Occupy DC
  • Charlie Harris, Americans for Informed Democracy
  • Nicole Goldin, US Agency for International Development

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