A primary objective of this event is to promote student perspectives on US global engagement. To that end, we invite students to submit papers for a student journal that will accompany the event. Papers should provide an original youth perspective on one of the following topics:

  • The future of US global engagement
  • The US in the global economy
  • The evolving definition of US security
  • Approaches for defining and promoting global justice
  • The role of citizens, people’s movements, corporations and other non-state actors in addressing global challenges
  • The future of US-Muslim world relations
  • How we define and build global citizenship

Submission details:

  • We will accept abstracts or full papers. Abstracts are accepted through March 18. Successful abstract applicants will be notified by March 22. Full papers will be accepted through April 1.
  • Papers don’t have to be based on original research, but they should provide a timely and fresh youth perspective. Papers will ideally be anchored in the context of the 2012 election year, discussing current debates, approaches and solutions.
  • Papers should be at least 1000 words, and no more than 5000.
  • Other forms of media will be accepted, including videos and photo essays.
  • AIDemocracy will feature papers on our website and in conference materials.

Please contact us with questions: or 202.709.6172.

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